QER Resource Tenements

QER has tenements and over most of Queensland's oil shale resources. These tenements contain an oil production potential of almost three times the size of the Bass Strait oil field when discovered, which to date is the largest single oil field developed in Australia.

Geoscience Australia estimates Australia has a total resource of around 23 billion barrels of high-quality oil shale, found mainly in Queensland. This is a known resource that does not depend on future exploration success.

QER’s resource base of almost 18 billion barrels of oil in situ, occurs in shales found in a series of basins extending from south of Gladstone, to north of Mackay in Queensland. (see map).

QER’s tenements are

  • Stuart (site of the New Fuels Development Centre)
  • McFarlane
  • Duaringa
  • Yaamba
  • Nagoorin
  • Lowmead

QER also has interest in the Rundle deposit

Australia's Oil Shale Deposits