Company History

QER has tenure over 11 kerogen deposits containing the equivalent of over 18 billion barrels of oil - equivalent to around 50 years supply for the whole country at Australia's current rates of consumption. Meanwhile Australia now imports most of our oil and fuel many thousands of kilometres, from many dangerous and unstable parts of the world.

QER's tenements were formerly operated by Southern Pacific Petroleum (SPP) which extensively drilled the deposits, commencing  in 1974. In 1999, SPP commissioned a rotating horizontal kiln (‘ATP’)  demonstration plant on the Stuart deposit near Gladstone, which it operated for several years. QER bought SPP’s assets including the plant, when the company wound up in 2004. After reviewing the performance of the previous plant , and after extensive trials, QER took the decision to instead adopt the Paraho technology on the basis of its stable and robust operating performance.

The company built a $100+ million Paraho technology demonstration plant which operated successfully for over two years.  The plant was well received by Government and the community due to its quiet and clean performance. It is the world’s first kerogen-to-fuel facility, produced finished ultra-low sulphur diesel and aviation fuel which has been used for heavy vehicle road trials and aviation fuel testing and certification

Following an extensive environmental audit of QER’s facility and review process, the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection confirmed that the technology met and exceeded all its strict licence requirements.

On completion of the trials, QER placed the facility on care and maintenance. 

QER has used the data from the facility to design the proposed next stage of development:  a small scale commercial plant which will centre on the Stuart resource, and which will demonstrate a commercial scale operation, the forerunner to to a vital future Australian industry.

The Paraho pilot plant near Rifle, in Colorado (left) and The Paraho II technology demonstration plant in Gladstone, Queensland.