Fuel for Thought column

QER’s Fuel for Thought column has been a regular fortnightly feature in the Gladstone Observer since October 2009.

The aim of the column is to ensure the local community can be kept informed of the progress of our demonstration plant project, some perspective on local events and issues, and for QER to highlight the ongoing need for Australia to create new fuels for our heavy transport sector.

Trust (pdf, 597KB)
Street Science (pdf, 488KB)
Back To Work!! (pdf,463KB)
The Right Direction (pdf, 456KB)
Not Rocket Science (pdf, 363KB)
Up Boat Creek (pdf, 376KM)
Ecofest 2017 (pdf,973KB)
ANZAC Day (pdf,298KB)
A Dry Subject (pdf,287KB)
A Life Saving Idea (pdf,273KB)
Safety & Innovation (pdf,314KB)
On the Job (pdf,275KB)
A Rose by any Other Name… (pdf,270 KB)
Qer's Role in the Orchestra (pdf,254KB)
In Gladstones Corner (pdf,259KB)
Planning...Planning (pdf,235 KB)
Some Good News (pdf,237 KB)
Europe Keeps on Trucking (pdf,235KB)
First, the Good News...(pdf,234KB)
Greetings from Amiens! (pdf, 258KB)
Oil Shale Pioneers (pdf,232KB)
QER Retort Test Unit Starting Up (pdf,229 KB)
Going for Gold  (pdf, 235KB)
The Magic of Civilisation (pdf, 231KB)
The Past Meets the Future  (pdf,232KB) 
Innovation in QER  (pdf, 227KB)
2016 Council Elections (pdf,224KB)
Happy Mother's Day (pdf, 236KB)
QER Visitors Centre (pdf,258KB0
Easter Bunny at QER (pdf,215KB)
International Women's Day (pdf,225KB)
Inspiration from the Weedin' Season (pdf,220KB)
Darkest Just Before the Dawn (pdf,222KB)
Work Progressing at QER (pdf,238KB)
Fuels Aint Fuels (pdf,212KB)
Qer in 2016 (pdf, 207KB)


Being Present...The Best Present (pdf, 205KB)
Fuels 'aint Fuels (pdf, 212KB)
Sharing a dream... (pfd, 193KB)
New Construction at QER (pdf, 202KB)
Weathering the Storm at Home (pdf,192KB)
World Interest in Oil Shale Continues (pdf, 185KB)
R U Ok (pdf, 222KB)
Beyond Politics... (pdf, 197KB)
The best of Gladstone... (pdf,193KB)
Hang in There Gladstone (pdf,186KB)
Telling the Forest from the Trees (pdf,186KB)
See You At Ecofest  (pdf,191KB)
Looking After the Grandkids  (pdf,166KB)
We Won't Forget (pdf,150KB)
Water Wisdom  (pdf,171KB)
The Best Part of the Job...  (pdf,171KB)
The Day Marcia Came to Town (pdf,140KB)
Queensland State Election (pdf,139KB)
Celebrating A Milestone (pdf,137KB)

Christmas Deliveries
Going Forward
Gladstone - A Great Place To Live
Fuel Security
Sustainable Partnering
Assessing Social Impacts (94.1kb)
Like a Duck Paddling
 (pdf, 87.2kb)
Fuelling Our Travels
 (pdf, 85.7kb)

Effective Communication (pdf, 84.8kb)
Mining for Greater Productivity (pdf, 69.2kb)
Developing Our Project (pdf, 81.5kb)
Firing Up Against A Dangerous Foe (pdf, 76.3kb)

QER's Next Step will present Local Opportunities (pdf, 111kb)
Engaging at Ecofest (pdf, 131kb)

Fuelling Our Lives (pdf, 95.4kb)
Time Flies (pdf, 91.6kb)
Another Step in the Journey (pdf, 92kb)
A Fond Farewell (pdf, 88.1kb)
Looking Forward (pdf, 80.7kb
Planning Our Future (pdf, 32.9kb)
Developing Energy Policy (PDF, 34kb)
No Time Like The Present (PDF, 39.4kb)

New Year Resolution (pdf, 41kb)
This Time of Year (pdf, 58kb)
Hard Decision (pdf, 39kb)
Christmas Safety (pdf, 32.3kb)
How Time Flies (PDF, 40.9)
Developing Our Industry (PDF, 40kb)
Gladstone Made Fuels Hit the Road (PDF, 34.5kb)

Fun on the Run... or Walk (PDF, 33.7kb)
Fuel Security up for Discussion (PDF, 46.8kb)
State of Origin – Queensland! (PDF, 46.8kb)
Playing as a Team (PDF, 46.8kb)
School's In (PDF, 46.8kb)
Well Done Ecofest (PDF, 41.2kb)
Wombat Factor (PDF, 41.5kb)
Not As Easy As ABC (PDF, 38kb)
Fuelling Our Economy (PDF, 37kb)
Staying Safe at Easter (PDF, 36kb)
Putting it Down to Experience (PDF, 40kb)
Fuel Security In The News (PDF, 75kb)
Welcome News (PDF, 40kb)
What A Week! (PDF, 38kb)
Diesel In Our Future (PDF, 40kb)
Looking Forward (PDF, 41kb)

What A Year (PDF, 43.5 KB)
Creating New Fuels
(PDF, 37 KB)
Meeting the Sustainability Challenge (PDF, 38kb)
Fuel Security 10 November 2012 (PDF, 49kb)
Staying in the race 4 August 2012
(PDF, 49kb)
Gladstone’s Community Spirit 21 July 2012 (PDF, 49kb)
Saving Energy 7 July 2012 (PDF, 41kb)
Something to Showcase 28 April 2012 (PDF, 49kb)
Foresight for Queensland 14 April 2012 (PDF, 40kb)
Producing Fuels 31 March 2012 (PDF, 41kb)
International Visitors 17 March 2012 (PDF, 41kb)
Mastering the Energy Challenge 18 February 2012 (PDF, 40kb)
Pay us a Visit 21 January 2012 (PDF, 37kb)
An Exciting Year Ahead 7 January 2012 (PDF, 45kb)

Our Technology 3 March 2012 (PDF, 38kb)
Delivering Christmas 24 December 2011 (PDF, 53kb)
Smooth Operation 10 December 2011 (pdf,53kb)
Enriching our city 12 November 2011 (pdf, 46kb)

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