Education Materials

Teaching Kit
QER has produced an education kit to provide teachers with content and materials based around Australia’s need to create new fuels and the operations of our New Fuels Development Centre at Yarwun.

The kit contains lessons plans and activities based on curriculum requirements, informative fact sheets, an animation video of our shale to liquids process, examples of raw and processed rock, and an invitation for school groups to come along to the Visitor Centre at our site on Landing Road, at Yarwun.

The kit is available by contacting Peter Zambelli -

Curriculum lessons  
In concert with the Queensland Resources Council’s Oresome resources educational program, QER has developed a range of curriculum-based lessons plans and activities.

Ranging from Foundation classes through to Year 12 students, the lessons plans contain relevant information on topics ranging from oil in our lives and fossils studies, through to chemistry analysis and the fractional distillation of crude oil. Videos refered to in the lessons can be viewed here.

Lesson Plans
Foundation Science lesson – Exploring Familiar Objects and Materials (pdf, 70KB)
Year 1 – Caring for the Environment (pdf, 74KB)
Year 2 – Everyday objects made from minerals (pdf, 78KB)
Year 3 – Fossils in kerogen shale deposits (pdf, 193KB)
Year 4 – Properties and Uses of Common Materials (pdf, 78KB)
Year 5 – Plant Growth in Processed Rock (pdf, 188KB)
Year 6 – Decision Making in use of Resources (pdf, 82KB)
Year 7 – Decantation to separate Oil and Water (pdf, 90KB)
Year 8 – Dehydration of Kerogen Ore (pdf, 111KB)
Year 9 – Minimising Environmental Impacts (pdf, 90KB)
Year 10 – Chemistry of Producing Oil from Kerogen Ore (pdf, 86KB)
Year 11 – Chemistry of Kerogen Shale Waste Management (pdf, 94KB)
Year 11 – The Formation of Kerogen Shale (pdf, 86KB)
Year 12 – The Process of Producing Oil from Kerogen (pdf, 90KB)
Year 12 – Fractional distillation of Crude Oil (pdf, 98KB)

Year 2 – Sorting Materials (pdf, 66KB)
Year 3 – Activity – The Choc Chip Cookie Fossil Dig (pdf, 86)
Year 4 – Properties of everyday materials (pdf, 70KB)
Year 5 – Plant growth in processed rock (pdf, 139KB)
Year 7 – Decantation of oil and water (pdf, 66KB)
Year 8 – Dehydration of Kerogen Ore (pdf, 86KB)
Year 12 – Fractional Distillation (pdf, 119KB)
Rehabilitation of a Kerogen Shale Mine (pdf, 229KB)