Gladstone New Fuels Development Project Stage 1

Gladstone Technology Demonstration Plant

QER’s New Fuels Development Centre features a $100m+ Paraho II technology demonstration plant which was commissioned in September 2011.

QER constructed the facility to:

  • Demonstrate the safe operation of the Paraho technology
  • Establish environmental credibility with government and community stakeholders
  • Maximise technical development and enhance operational expertise
  • Test process improvements and evaluate varying oil shale feed properties
  • Further understand the properties of our fuel products to ensure we meet all relevant fuel standards

QER’s demonstration plant has operated successfully for more than two years, producing about 37-40 barrels per day of synthetic crude oil and high quality fuels for transport (a barrel contains 159 litres, so this equates to between 5,800 litres and 6,300 litres per day).

We are able to store up to 1,300 barrels (206,000 litres) of products in different holding tanks at the New Fuels Development Centre.  QER is using 35,000 litres of ultra-low sulphur diesel for truck road trials and has produced 15,000 litres of aviation fuel for testing and certification.

Following the successful completion of trials over two years, the plant was placed on care and maintenance.