QER works to ensure that the local communities we work in, and the wider community, understand how and why we want to develop Queensland’s important oil shale resources. We also try to listen carefully, respond to the feedback we receive from the community and actively participate in local community life.

Our guiding principles for community and social involvement are

  • Build and maintain relationships and mutual trust through transparency and accountability
  • Consult and engage with communities
  • Value community knowledge and perspective
  • Build human and social capital through community development and investment
  • Provide economic opportunities through employment, training and business initiatives
  • Recognise and respect Aboriginal culture, heritage and tradition
  • Monitor, measure and manage social and economic benefits and impacts


                             QER Ecofest 2014 Stall                                                                   How much oil is produced from this oil shale rock? 

Visitor Centre
QER has a comprehensive
Visitor Centre, and we are always interested in receiving feedback from visitors on their experience and views of the information we provide.

Featuring state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, the Centre allows visitors to easily navigate the wide range of information we have made available, and to gain a stronger understanding of the oil shale resource and its value to Australia and our economic wellbeing. This information can be accessed through our virtual visitor centre.

QER welcomes visit by individuals, community organisations and school groups.


QER writes a fortnightly 'Fuel for Thought' column in Saturday's Gladstone Observer newspaper, allowing us to deliver updates on the project and provide a context for our demonstration plant project.

QER also produces regular newsletters for our nearest neighbor communities, Yarwun and Mt Larcom. The newsletters aim to ensure people can be kept up-to-date on activities at our New Fuels Development Centre and our plans for the future.

Community Investment
One of the ways in which we support our local communities is through which can provide assistance for activities that enhance community wellbeing and provide for greater sustainability.

Interested parties can make application for assistance or sponsorship of particular projects by reviewing QER’s Community Investment Policy, considering QER’s Community Investment Guidelines and completing and lodging a Community Investment Application.