Project Appovals

The New Fuels Development Centre has been constructed on land owned by QER, located within Mining Lease 80003 (pictured). The Mining Lease was granted in 1996 for a period of 30 years to provide for both the mining and processing of oil shale and the production and processing of shale oil on the site. The lease can be extended beyond this date.

QER holds both mining and petroleum Environmental Authorities granted by the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management. These Environmental Authorities, commonly referred to as licences, contain stringent conditions which ensure that emissions from the mining operation and processing plant are very low, and specifically set to protect air quality in the local environment.

The licences also contain conditions which will ensure protection of other aspects of the local environment: for example, surface water, groundwater, noise amenity, and land. As with any mining and processing operation, the applicable licence conditions require detailed monitoring by QER of plant operating conditions and emissions and reporting to relevant Government authorities on an agreed basis.

Queensland Mines and Energy has granted a Petroleum Facility Licence for processing of the shale oil, including upgrading and storage of the oil and fuels created.

QER is currently working on an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to gain approval for a small commercial facility at the same site, next to the Technology Demonstration Plant.